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Life After Bariatric Surgery

When meeting for the first time and explaining what life after bariatric surgery will be like, I explain you should view it as a critical turning point in your life. There was “life before bariatric surgery”, and then “life after surgery”. Everything is suddenly...

Bariatric surgery costs in Victoria explained

Bariatric Surgery in the Public System - Victoria If you are living in Victoria, the reality is that you are very unlikely to be able to have bariatric surgery within the public hospital system. VIC does offer a public waiting list for weight loss surgery, but this...

Interview with Dr Charles Pilgrim – Bariatric Surgeon Melbourne

What made you want to be a surgeon?  What got me interested in medicine in the first place was anatomy, so when I started medical school, the most direct way to deal with anatomy was surgery. That was the initial driver towards surgery as a practice.  General and...
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