Robotic Pancreatic Surgery

What is robotic assisted surgery?

Robot assisted surgery, or robotic surgery, allows A/Prof Pilgrim to perform various complex procedures using the da Vinci Xi surgical system. The surgical system includes a camera, mechanical arms with surgical instruments, and is operated by A/Prof Pilgrim at a separate console that provides a high-definition, magnified, 3-D view of the surgery site. This world leading robotic surgery system translates A/Prof Pilgrim’s hand movements in real time, but with a greater range of motion, making it possible for him to operate through a few small incisions with increased dexterity and precision than at standard keyhole surgery.

da Vinci Xi Surgical System

In 2000, the da Vinci Surgery System broke new ground by becoming the first robotic surgery system approved by the FDA for general laparoscopic surgery. This was the first time the FDA approved an all-encompassing system of surgical instruments and camera/scopic utensils.

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Benefits of Robotic Assisted Pancreatic Surgery

Robotic surgeries are a form of minimally invasive surgery. As with all minimally invasive surgery many benefits exist compared to open surgery such as:

  • Few complications (infection)
  • Less pain
  • Quicker recovery times (less time spent in the hospital)
  • Smaller, less noticeable scars

Due to the location of the pancreas, minimally invasive surgery for pancreatic problems can be especially difficult but because robotic surgery allows the surgeon to have complete precise control with an enhanced range of movement of 4 instruments (including the camera) at once, there may be cases that can be done robotically more safely and effectively than can be done with traditional keyhole approaches.

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