At UGIRS Melbourne, we would like to acknowledge the knowledge, experience, support and dedication that our team of medical specialists demonstrate every day with their exceptional work and interaction with patients that they are responsible for caring.
Here is a complete breakdown of our UGIRS Team.


Find out more about Associate Professor Charles Pilgrim here.

Charles Pilgrim


When operating we have an excellent pool of Anesthetists to work with, to ensure that our patients, after being fully assessed, are cared for before, during and after surgery.
Our team of Anaethetists includes:

Tony Stambe
Ben Kave
Angus Mitchell
Glen Cook

Surgical Assistants

Our expert team of Surgical Assistants are on hand to provide assistance to A/Prof Pilgrim when operating, providing exemplary pre and post operative care to our patients.
Our team of Surgical Assistants:

Kaaren Binns
David Sturge
Jane Lottkowitz

Perioperative Physicians

To ensure that your surgery goes smoothly and to plan, we have a team of Perioperative Physicians who assist us before, during and after surgery to provide you with not only outstanding care, but they communicate everything that you need to know.
Our team includes:

David Charlesworth
Yasir Khan
Vikram Balla
Malcolm Cunningham


Our team of specialists are trained to diagnose and treat problems in the gastrointestinal tract and liver. Seeing a gastroenterologist can often lead to more accurate detection of issues and fewer complications.
Our team of Gastroenterologists are:

Leon Fisher

Shahzaib Anwar

Aaron Thornton


Our Endocrinologist at UGIRS is Amin Shirafi. His area of expertise relates to the regulation of hormones, which can be related to metabolic disorders and some cancers and his work with our team is of most relevance to disorders of the pancreas.

Amin Shirafi


Our Dietitian at UGIRS is Lisa Murnane. Lisa plays an important role in our bariatric surgery patients’ journey to a healthier lifestyle, by implementing new appropriate diet plans and techniques for managing calorie intake and ensuring a balanced diet post-surgery.

Health Coach

Our Health Coach at UGIRS is Meredith Cairns. Alongside Lisa, Meredith provides our bariatric patients with support, techniques and counselling to deal with the lifestyle and emotional changes that are required before, during and after bariatric surgery.

Office Staff

Last but certainly not least, the Office Team. Natalie and Janine ensure that the day to day responsibilities of running the practice run smoothly, and that each of our patients are greeted with a friendly face when visiting. They are friendly and approachable and always happy to take calls or emails to make sure everyone is on the same page and knows what is going on.